Photo Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Get ready!

Assemble your team of 4 or 5 people together. This is a driving photo hunt. Most tasks can be completed with in the city of Lake Charles but it is not limited to the city. If you can’t find a team come early and get assigned to a team.

Please have a driver and a vehicle capable of transporting your team around town.
This is Photo taken hunt and not a collecting items hunt. Your team must have one camera or phone to use for the entire hunt.

Since we would like to view the pictures afterwards. Please take your photos onto a device using a removable data card or chip. This is the preferred method but it is not required. If you done a have a removable data card or chip, please bring the appropriate cord so your photos may be transferred to a computer.

Some examples of the tasks and or items to be photographed.
A picture of someone at a mailbox
A picture of a Purple Car
A picture of your team doing the hokey pokey at the post office

This is a time event so please be ready to check in before 3:30 and all teams must report back by 6:00. A penalty will be added to all team checking in after 6:00.
Scavenger Hunt Rules:
1. Teams are driving around in a car, everyone needs to wear seat belts and follow all traffic laws. THIS IS NOT A RACE.
2. All team members need to stay with their team at all times. You may not split up to “divide” tasks.
3. Some tasks deal with strangers… It’s very important to be kind and respectful with strangers, use your healthy judgment when it comes to people you don’t know.
4. Stranger means someone you DO NOT KNOW and once they’ve taken a photo with you, they are now family, EVERY Stranger picture will require someone NEW.
5. Entire Team means your ENTIRE TEAM. You WILL require a some other than your team to get all of you in one single frame. Complete strangers are often really helpful in this regard. Team members means 2 or 3 people in the photo, Teammate can be anyone one person of your team.
6. Always play fair. Don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other people’s chances to win.
7. All tasks must be completed and pictures MUST be taken only during the duration of the hunt.
8. Make sure each team has a mobile phone and contact numbers in the case of an emergency.
9. NEVER EVER do anything dangerous, illegal, or damage property! We do not want you hurt in any way. If you do not like a dare, don’t do it! You are NOT REQUIRED to do them ALL, just the ones you want. This is supposed to be for fun. HAVE FUN!

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